Where do you get your books?

Like I mentioned in my last post (which was only like a while ago), I visited Barnes N’ Noble [not sure I said that right, whoops] to buy a few books. My sister and I got about eight or nine books total with our Christmas gift cards and the total cost came out to a whopping $70-and-something-cents! Is it just me or is that a lot for books? I guess it’s okay enough, especially since our gift cards covered everything. Do you shop anywhere where the prices for books are pretty low? I remember once at a thrift store they sold four books for a dollar. I also visited a store (Ms. Nelson’s) before it closed, everything was 50% off. So, if you have anywhere to shop where books are not-so-pricey, please leave a comment! 🙂


(Don’t forget to be here on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday! I’m going to try to get my first book review up then! (No saying what it’s going to be, you’ll just have to guess!)



  1. As a librarian I have to reply to your post. Your public library is an excellent location to get your books for free! They take suggestions, and if they do not have a book you are looking for they probably can get it from another library. Many libraries also offer ebooks to their patrons as well. Amy

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