I’m Back! + Recommendations?

Hi everybody! Mariah here 🙂

So as you probably know from the title, I’m back! I had to deal with some huge problems in my life but hopefully now they’re done with and over for good. *happy dance*

Thank you so much if you stuck here for me! I know I’m a terrible blogger 😦 I know I just left everyone in the dark when I stopped posting. And I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry I couldn’t do book reviews, but the past is the past, and I can’t change that. I totally understand if you stop reading my reviews, and I won’t pressure you into coming back.

Thank you.


What do you want me to read next?

Alright, this is a question that’s been in the back of my mind since I started this blog. I know I don’t have many followers, and almost nobody comments on my posts 🙂  (why am I smiling about that? Haha!), but I just want your opinion on what I should read next. The books I’ve been reviewing aren’t too popular, but that’s just because I read a lot of books that aren’t too famous. So, I’m giving you a chance to comment and tell me what books I should read! (Keep in mind that they should be YA books. I’m not that old yet 😀 ) If you could, in your comment, can you also give me a link to where I can find that book cheap? Thanks if you do, but it’s COMPLETELY optional 🙂

Well, that’s just about it! I’m so glad I can start a new chapter with all of you.


Mariah 🙂

Stay crazy! 😛


Updates & Divergent Week :(

Hey guys . . . :/

Just when I thought things were getting better, everything basically went down the drain again. I’ve been really busy and stressed out lately, it’s just really hard to keep this blog going. I’m super sorry for leaving again, it’s just been really hard for me to update lately. Don’t you worry, I should probably be updating more regularly now, unless, you know . . . Please forgive me. I promised not to let you guys down and look what I did! I really feel like crying right now 😦 . . .

Please please please give me another chance, and tell your friends to check this blog out. I’m hardly getting any views on this blog and it’s really discouraging me from still going . . .

As for Divergent Week. I’ve decided just not to do it after all. It’s a big pain to get everything ready, and with the lack of views I’ve been getting, well, it’s enough to change my mind. Don’t worry, I might have it a bit later. As for those who entered to PDF contest, thank you! I’ll still be sending out your PDF copies. I got quite a few emails, so it’ll be fun to pick them out. Your free copies should come about next week 🙂

Once again, please forgive me. I’m really going to try and get myself un-stressed, but I have testing coming up soon, and grades are closing, so I also really have to pay attention to my schoolwork. I’m really sorry if I have another not-posting time like this. If that happens you’ll know why. I just ask you to please help me promote my blog 🙂 No hard feelings?

-Mariah 😦

Stay Crazy ❤

Earthquake & Divergent Week

Whoa! Last night was really crazy. At about 9:09 p.m. PST, I was baking cookies like I’d mentioned in a post earlier, when the room began to shake hard. Apparently, there had been a 5.1 earthquake close in my area in California! Scar-y, if I may tell you myself, xD

Alright. That’s enough about earthquakes 🙂 I wanted to tell you that Divergent Week starts tomorrow! So excited!!! Remember to stay tuned, and keep sending in those forms! 😀


Stay Crazy! 🙂

Divergent Free PDF Form!!

Hey everybody. I’m back to give you guys the form for the Divergent Week free PDF giveaways! It’s not necessarily a form, but it’s more like a tiny little fill-out-in-five-seconds thingy. I’m going to take in all your submissions up to Thursday, April 3 and pick out the names Friday, and I will send out all the free PDFs by Saturday.

Please submit, it’s going to be more fun picking out from lots of people! So, after you fill out this form, send it to thecrazybookshelf@gmail.com please!! 🙂


Email Address:

Any suggestions for my blog?

And that’s it! So just copy and paste it into a new email message, fill out the necessary 3 questions, and send it to me at thecrazybookshelf@gmail.com

Thank you guys so much 🙂


P.S. Sorry if I’m spamming you all so much. Just trying to get everything in according to my new schedule. I am so sorry about that.

Stay Crazy! 😉

Peaches Review

Welcome back! It’s Monday, which means it’s time to do another book review. I know I may not be getting a lot of views on this blog, but I’m going to keep reviewing no matter what, so tell your friends to check this out, okay?

Before I start reviewing, I just wanted to introduce a new idea I’ve brainstormed. On Friday, March 21 to Friday, March 28, I am going to be hosting Divergent Week, due to the new movie of Divergent coming out in theaters on March 21, the day Divergent Week will start. At the end of Divergent Week will be a giveaway of Divergent (a PDF copy) to three lucky winners, and free PDF copies of Divergent and Insurgent to one lucky winner! That’s enough for now. A more formal post will be coming out soon (most likely next week), with the form to enter the contest.

Now on to the actual book review. I’m going to be reviewing Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson.

Peaches Rating: 8/10

Peaches was an amazing contemporary novel about friendship and fun, along with some sadness. All of the action kept me bouncing in my chair, flipping pages, and envisioning myself there along with Birdie, Leeda, and Murphy. Some parts, though, I felt a little bored and waiting for stuff to happen, and I didn’t feel like it was the best book overall.


Murphy’s a bad girl. She doesn’t listen; she doesn’t care what other people think about her. Being the smartest girl in her tiny Georgia town, she should. When a funny stunt lands her in trouble, she is sent to Darlington Orchard, the exact opposite of where Murphy would like to be during her spring break. Meanwhile, Birdie wouldn’t do anything to be away from her dad’s orchard, even after her mom leaves. But when she meets Enrico, a boy from Mexico who’s come to work on the orchard, her life turns upside down. . . And then there’s Leeda, a girl who has everything she could want except her mother’s love, and is forced to visit Darlington Orchard. Together, the girls find the bond of friendship through tough times.

My Thoughts:

I was really amazed at Peaches’ fun attitude and overall greatness. It really expressed the thoughts of friendship and sticking together even though sometimes there were arguments and quarrels. Sometimes I wish the main characters were real and I could talk to them and hang out, since they seem to have so much fun. Always, though, a great book has some not-so-great things inside. For instance, however, there were some points where I was eager to get a boring chapter done, or I just wanted to skip through an entire chapter (I didn’t) to find out what happens to the other character. I’m glad I didn’t do that, or I would’ve missed out on some other important things.

This is good for people who are

Peaches would be a good fit for

-contemporary lovers

-romance lovers

-people who like books about strong friendship

-almost anyone over the age of 14

Basically, . . .

Basically, Peaches is great for a fun, light, quick read. I wouldn’t use it if you want something really intense. Peaches would make a good book report book, if you are a fan of anything listed under “This is good for people who are” column. I feel like it would be a book to read during spring or summer breaks, something small and short to get into while you’re off, especially since the book takes place during the spring and summer.

Don’t forget to buy Peaches at http://www.amazon.com/Peaches-Jodi-Lynn-Anderson/dp/0060733071

Once again, thank you so much for checking out my blog and reading this review. Don’t forget to stay tuned for Divergent Week which should be arriving on March 21! A more formal post should be up next Monday, along with the requested forms for the Divergent PDF giveaway. As a tiny sneak preview, the book I will be reviewing next week is The Secrets of Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson to quickly finish off the series.


What did you think of Peaches? Leave a comment below!

P.S. I’m thinking of a little game or something to do during Divergent Week. What do you guys think of a Divergent Role Play? We’ll pick a character from the books and make a tiny role play/fanfiction about it!

Reboot Review

Hi everybody, it’s me again! I am so happy about how my first review turned out, and I just had to make another.

The book I am reviewing today is Reboot by Amy Tintera. I am really excited to review this because I actually met Amy and got my book signed just a few weeks ago! I had the pleasure of meeting four authors (including Marie Lu, exciting!), and Amy Tintera was such a sweet person.

Reboot Rating: 8/10

Reboot was a really great dystopian novel. I was amazed at Amy Tintera’s viewpoint of the future and was really shocked at times. I did give this book an 8 out of 10 because there were parts where I disagreed with actions or they seemed a little unbelievable. Additionally, the book’s synopsis claimed that the main character, Wren, wasn’t supposed to have human feelings anymore and I didn’t feel like the book really expressed that, it seemed more like Wren did have feelings the entire time, which I thought was weird.


Wren Conolly was dead for 178 minutes before she “woke up” as a Reboot, a nonhuman fighting machine. The longer a person is dead, the more nonhuman they become. She is the best Reboot and fighter around until Callum Reyes enters. He was only dead for 22 minutes, meaning he’s hardly a Reboot and still practically a human. Somehow, Wren is attracted to Callum (even though she’s not supposed to have human feelings) and picks to train him. Wren then realizes that the humans who are harboring the Reboots give the “Under-60’s” shots, like experiments, and Wren is frantic for an escape. When Callum refuses to kill a person during a mission, Wren is forced to eliminate him. Will she make her escape with Callum or will she have to kill him along the way?

My Thoughts:

First of all, like I’ve mentioned before, Wren wasn’t supposed to have any feelings, yet it’s pretty clear that she does in parts of the books. Also, a little toward the end, I felt like it should’ve been cut off and made two books instead of putting those parts together as one. I felt like the plot almost changed towards the end, really, but it’s only my opinion. Now let me talk about things I liked. I loved Callum’s character (to be honest he reminded me of an annoying kid I know!) and his goofy ways. I think he really helped Wren get out of her tiny shell. I liked Ever, one of Wren’s friends. Ever was fun and cute, and she just wanted the best for Wren. I liked the idea that the Under-60’s sat at a different table than the others, even though there was no rule not to, and Callum didn’t care and he still sat with Wren. All in all, it was a cute book to enjoy.

This is good for people who are:

Reboot would be a good fit for

-dystopian lovers

-romance lovers

-action lovers

-science fiction lovers

-anyone over the age of 12

Basically, . . .

Basically, Reboot is a good book for a rainy day, a day where you can get snuggled under some blankets in front of the fireplace and read. It will hook you in, just saying! This would be an okay book for a book report, if you really think you want to read it, because it feels to me like it almost has two plots in it. Remember to check out the other books in the series too, the second book should be coming out in a few months!

Don’t forget to buy Reboot here: http://www.amazon.com/Reboot-Amy-Tintera/dp/0062217070

Thanks for reading my newest review. I’m still trying to decide what days I should post reviews, so if you can complete that poll from The Program review I would be very happy! Stay tuned 🙂


What did you think about Reboot? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Next Monday’s post is where I will be announcing something taking place starting March 21! Please make sure to check it out on Monday! 🙂